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  • Eileen Zilch

Goodbye Bedrock and Hello Community Catalysts!

Hello Community Catalysts! After two plus years as Bedrock Community Development Support, we needed to make a change. At our annual strategic planning meeting in October 2018, the Board discussed the confusion that most of us had experienced when introducing ourselves and our organization to others. Most people in Michigan and especially those in Detroit immediately assumed that we had some connection with Dan Gilbert's Bedrock. To eliminate that confusion, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and change our name.

The quest for a new name that captured the essence of who we are began immediately. With our mission and values staying the same, we wanted our new name and logo to reflect the catalytic role that we play in making affordable housing and services projects become a reality. In addition, one of our main goals is to partner with other organizations on our projects. The spirit of partnership needed to be featured prominently as we made our name and logo change.

Thanks to a dedicated Board who came up with our new name, the talented graphic designers at First Impressions in Howell who developed our new logo, and Ashley Clifton who revamped our website, we are now officially Community Catalysts!

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