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  • Eileen Zilch

We Won!

Last night we were selected as one of the three charities to make a 5 minute presentation to the 100 Women Who Care of Livingston County at our quarterly meeting. After all 3 charities made their presentations, the members voted, and Community Catalysts won!

100 Women Who Care is a national grass roots movement of women who care deeply about their communities and want to make a difference by volunteering and donating. Laurie Helgren (a Community Catalysts Board member) and I are members of the Livingston County chapter. If you are a woman and want to learn about what your local charities are doing in your community so that you can support them both by being informed and with your donations, please check out your local chapter of 100 Women Who Care! At the conclusion of each quarterly, one-hour meeting, the members vote for one of the 3 charities selected to make a presentation that evening, and then all members write a check for $100 to the charity who gets the most votes. The last few recipients of the quarterly donations in Livingston County have received total donations of between $11,000 - $12,000.

We will be using the donations that we receive from 100 Women Who Care toward rehabbing the building we just purchased in downtown Howell. We will be creating office space for Community Catalysts and developing our first 2 affordable apartments in Livingston County without the use of government funds (more on that coming soon!). We are so very grateful for the support of 100 Women Who Care in Livingston County!

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